Take some makeup tips from Sonam Kapoor

Improve Your Look With Sonam Kapoor’s Secret Makeup Tips And Trick!

Sonam Kapoor Ahuja is undoubtedly one of the best fashionistas of B-Town today if not the best. Her sense of style and fashion is something that has been talked about in B-Town for the longest time and millions of girls all around the world look up for inspiration from Sonam regarding the same. So what exactly is the secret behind Sonam’s makeup and beauty skills? Well, let’s find out today

As per herzindagi, these are some makeup tips coming directly from Sonam Kapoor’s end to give a nice look to your face from home itself. Take a look –

Step 1: Pat in some vitamin C serum all over the face and neck

Step 2: Moisturise, hydrate your face and do not miss a single spot under the eyes

Step 3: Sunblock is a must

Step 4: For the lips, use coconut oil

So readers, how do you like these tips from Sonam?

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