Know Ranveer Singh and Shahid Kapoor's hairstyling secrets

Ranveer Singh And Shahid Kapoor’s Hair Styling secrets REVEALED

We all loved it immensely when we saw Ranveer Singh flaunting his long hair in the song ‘Tattad Tattad’ from Ramleela. The feeling was exactly the same when we saw Shahid’s long grown hair in movies like Kaminey and Kismat Connection. Both Ranveer and Shahid are exceptional actors who are brilliant in their own right and the stage and platform only get bigger and better when they come together. That’s exactly what we saw in Padmaavat.

But if there’s anything else that keeps Ranveer and Shahid in the spotlight apart from the fantabulous skills as actors, it is their mutual love for going bold and experimenting with new hairstyles time and again. But a good hairstyle also involves a good hair care routine apart from styling products. So what exactly do these two follow when it comes to haircare? Today we reveal it all.

As per stars, Ranveer and Shahid are known to use a shampoo on their hair atleast thrice in a week. When it comes to getting a haircut, they trust the one and only Aalim Hakim and both love to get their hair styled by him. As far as hair gels and products are concerned, you will be surprised to know that both Shahid and Ranveer actually believe in keeping their hair free from any artificial hair product which can cause harm to their hair. They use hair products only and when required while shooting and not in their regular lives. Also, both believe in oiling their hair once in a week for some fine nourishing.

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