You can't miss these sweets if you ever Visited Kolkata

These Sweets You Can’t Miss If You Ever Visited Kolkata!

We bring to you the famous dishes of Kolkata. There is a treasure trove of heritage shops that have served Kolkata for more than 100 years for the real taste of Kolkata’s sweets.

Here are some famous sweets of Kolkata:
1. ROSOGOLLA: It is made up of cottage cheese. And the cottage cheese is made up of dumplings and then cooked in light sugar syrup. There are two types of rosogolla, they are, normal rosogolla and sponge rasgulla.

2. SONDHESH OR SANDESH: This is made up of fresh cottage cheese and either jaggery or sugar is used to make it sweet. The white colour sandesh is made of normal sugar and if you get the sweet little brownish colour, then the sweet is made up of jaggery dates.

3. LEDIKINI: Ledikini the sweet is a deep fried sweet which is cylindrical and made from cottage cheese.

4. CHANAR JILIPI: The chanar jilipi is made up of chhana which is also called as cottage cheese, khoya, and maida. It is deep fried, and then soaked in the sugar syrup which is flavoured with cardamom.

5. PANTUA: It is made up of chhana, maida,ghee,sugar, and semolina. Pantua is deep fried and soaked in thick sugar syrup. They can be served hot or even cold.

6. LOBONG LOTIKA: This sweet dish is made up of refined flour pastry, grated coconut,nuts, stuffed with a mix of khoya, raisins, and cardamom. Which is then folded like an envelope,it is then fried in ghee, Lobong Lotika is soaked in thick sugar syrup for a little while to make it extra.

7. KHEER KADAM: This sweet dish is made up by encasing a dry rasgulla,coated with a first kheer which is afterward dusted with the dried kheer.

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