Learn These Tips To Become More Stylish In College Uniform

Tips To Become More Stylish In College Uniform

Most of the colleges don’t have a uniform. But those who have to, don’t worry… here are some tips for you to look more stylish in college uniform.

There are some strict regulations to wear your college uniform but also you can also personalize your uniform and make it go as per your style.

As most of the colleges have the dress code more lenient, you can add some accessories, add some layers to your uniform.

So let’s see how to look more stylish in college uniform-

1. Get your uniform tailored properly- Don’t go for readymade uniform, buy the right and good quality material, and get your uniform stitched as per your size and shape.

2. Suitable Footwear- Putting high heels seems to be more stylish, but they are not comfortable for you to wear for the whole day. So, go for bells shoes or plain shoes are you would like.

3. Appropriate accessories- Add on right and matching accessories to your uniform. Pick some trendy and stylish pair of earrings, neckpiece like a plain or layered chain. Matching wristwatch and the stylish bag can also make you look more stylish.

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