Hey!! Here's A Recipe For A Oreo Mug Cake which you can prepare within 5 minutes.

Are You Craving For Something Sweet & Smoothie? Here's A Oreo Mug Cake To Make In Just 5 Minutes, Recipe 499980

Among all kinds of cakes, Oreo mug cakes are very special and give us the true joy of having them. Among all ingredients, Oreo makes this mug cake so special. This dessert tastes delicious. Most importantly any kind of mug cake you can prepare within 5 minutes.

All the ingredients for this Oreo mug cake are very basic and for topping, you can use vanilla ice cream, as no mug cake is complete without vanilla ice cream.

If you wish to make and consume a full cake then Oreo mug cake is a good option. Always it’s a great option for anyone who doesn’t wish to spend time in the kitchen but likes dessert very much.

With a mug cake, the efforts are minimal and the result is excellent. If you are an amateur, even then mug is a perfect option for you.

Just you need a big microwave-safe mug and microwave. Choose your mug of big size so that batter will not flow out. Here we look at the recipe for Oreo mug cake, which you can prepare in a couple of minutes.

* 60 gms of maida.
* 50 gms of sugar.
* Baking powder, oil, vanilla extract.
* Milk, crushed Oreos, and one scoop of vanilla ice cream.

* In a safe microwave mug, add baking powder, sugar, and maida. Mix all the above ingredients properly using a whisker.
* Add vanilla extract, oil, and milk in the mug and mix it properly until it’s uniform.
* Finally add crushed Oreos and put the mug in the oven for two minutes.
* After two minutes take it out from the oven and serve with some vanilla ice cream and a few more Oreo.

This was the recipe for Oreo mug cake, which you will enjoy a lot!!

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