Try this chicken pancakes at home

Haven’t tried Chicken Pancakes Yet? Tips to make it

Here is the quick Chicken Pancake recipe for you

Ingredients:- 1¼ cup flour, ¾ cup buttermilk, 2 large eggs, 1 tbsp Sugar (optional), 1 tbsp Baking powder, ½ tbsp ground sage, ½ tbsp salt, ½ tbsl ground black pepper, 2 tbsp chicken fat, ¾ cup chicken (cooked and chopped), 1 medium onion (minced and sautéed).


1. Mix all the batter ingredients together. The batter should be thick. Now add Chicken and Onion.

2. Cook the pancake batter on hot greased griddle, same as other pancake. Turn over after bubbles start appearing.

3.Serve with chicken gravy, cheese sauce, butter or syrup.

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