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Here's how to make sweet paan in 5 minutes

How To Make Sweet Paan In 5 Minutes?

Paan is popular street food in India. The mixture of street foods in India leaves us spoilt for options between numerous spicy snacks or a small meal. Among the bevy of savoury street foods, meetha (sweet) paan stands out as the only sweet street food for an after-meal treat. We see paan vendors outside restaurants as that’s the one thing almost all Indians like to have after a hearty meal. It is made with betel leaves stuffed with savoury and sweet ingredients. Below is the recipe to make paan in 5mintues.

Ingredients:- 4 betel leaves, 2 tbsp desiccated coconut, 2 tbsp mouth freshener mix, 2 tbsp tutti fruitti/raisins/chopped dates, 1 tbsp gulkand.

Step 1- Wash, dry the betel leaves. Cut their stem.
Step 2- Put all the components together in a bowl.
Step 3- keep it down all the betel leaves on a straight surface and place a tbsp of the paan stuffing in each leaf.
Step 4- Wrap the filling with the ends of the leaf and secure with a toothpick.
Serve this mouth-watering paan to your family and cherish the moments.

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