Here's an interesting snack for midnight food pang

Having A Midnight Food Pang? Cook Up A Quick Snack

Midnight food pangs are common, but the laziness in us will surely stop us from getting out of beds and stepping in the kitchen to make a snack. Here we come up with an easy and quick snack recipe for you to make in the midnight.

Chickpea salad-

Ingredients: Chickpea, 1 chopped capsicum, 1 chopped tomato, 1 chopped onion, coriander, salt, chat masala, red chilli powder.


  1. Boil some chickpea in ½ cup water. Add a little salt. Boil for 10 minutes on medium flame.
  2. After 10 minutes. Strain the water and add tomato and onion to the chickpea.
  3. Mix them well. Now add some capsicum and mix it.
  4. Put a pinch of salt and chat masala to the mixture and mix it well.
  5. Now add red chilli powder for flavour and spicy twist.
  6. Garnish it with coriander leaves.

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