If you have viewed Once Upon A Time In Hollywood or Fight Club then you can't resist drooling over the perfect body of Brad Pitt

Revealed! Simple Diet Meal Plan Of Brad Pitt

Fight Club or Once Upon A Time In the Hollywood movie of Brad Pitt worked very hard to get that entirely ripped body and muscles. He has always been a charmer since Rain Man and to date manages to get every girl drooling over his hot looks.

If you are thinking to get the entirely ripped and toned body like Brad Pitt, here is the diet plan to follow. A little bit of dedication and commitment is all you need to have the perfect dream body.

Revealed! Simple Diet Meal Plan Of Brad Pitt 1

Breakfast: Brad Pitt ate six eggs and 75g of oatmeal with raisins.

Snacks: Throughout the day, he keeps on munching on low-fat cottage cheese or a casein protein shake. And well, a piece of cake was irresistible.

Lunch: It was mostly high in protein, and so he ate 75-100g of chicken with brown rice, or sometimes he switched to pasta and green veggies.

Pre-workout Snacks: It was a protein bar or protein shake and a banana.

Dinner: Just as lunch, dinner was full of protein and carbs—grilled fish or chicken with brown rice. Also, for a change, he had pasta, veggies, and salad.

A simple and easy to follow a diet plan that Brad Pitt religiously followed to have the perfect ripped body and abs.

Revealed! Simple Diet Meal Plan Of Brad Pitt 2

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