Keep your diet strong with these food items

Top 5 Zero Calorie Food Items To keep Your Diet Strong

Calories also provide the. Energy to keep your body alive and working, calories are also been used by the body to digest food while we are resting and doing some physical stuff(activities).

When you have low-calorie food it can also leave you hungry also after low-calorie food is consumed. But in that case there are also some low calorie foods that can also keep your calories low and also feel up your stomach and also are delicious in taste.

There are some low calories foods that can satisfy your needs and health:-

1) Oats: 5.5grams protein of Oats contains 148 Calories (Cal.) And 3.8grams of fiber in one and half cup that contains 40 grams of dry Oats.

2) Eggs: Eggs contain 52 calories in 100gm. But also eat the eggs with the yellow part init. Yellow part also contains protein.

3) Chicken: Chicken contains 100cal. In 100gms of chicken breast and also our body needs more energy to digest chicken and hence they burn more calories.

4) Mushrooms: Mushrooms have water in it so for 100gms they contain 25cal.

5) Broccoli: Broccoli contains 30cal. Also one and half grams of sugar in 1 cup which is 3 grams.

There are many different types of fruits and vegetables which are delicious and also contain low Calories. And they will also provide you with nutrition also.

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