Check out the recipe to make Veg Momos at home

Veg Momos Recipe You Can Try At Home

Momos are steamed or fried dumpling with some form of fillings in it. The people of the north-east, have made momos traditional delicacy. The main ingredients of momos are White-flour-and-water dough, vegetable or cheese filling, tomato dip.

1½ cup All-Purpose Flour, water for kneading, ½ tsp salt to taste, oil for greasing,
3 tsp oil, 3 tsp Ginger-garlic paste, 2 finely chopped chilli, 4 tbsp spring onion,
1 cup grated
carrot,  2 cup cabbage,½ tsp crushed pepper,½ tsp salt.

INSTRUCTIONS:- 1. Prepare stuffing by heating 3 tsp oil and add spring onion, garlic-ginger paste and chilli.
2. Saute on high flame. Now, add carrot and cabbage. stir on high flame.
3. Add pepper and salt. Additionally, spring onion and stuffing mixture is ready.
4. Take a small ball sized dough and flatten. Now sprinkle some maida and start rolling.
5. Roll to almost 4 – 5 inch in diameter thin circle. make sure that you roll all the sides and keep the centre little thick.
6. Now place a tsp of stuffing in the centre.
7. Start pleating the edges slowly and gather everything. Roll and seal the momos forming a bundle.
8. Heat the steamer and keep the momos in the tray without touching each other.
9. Steam the momos for 10-15 minutes or till they appear shiny.
Serve it with momos chutney.

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