In her latest Instagram dump, Malaika Arora reveals what makes her morning healthy. Check out the dish in the article below.

What Makes Malaika Arora's Morning Healthy? Find Out 884053

When it comes to health, Malaika Arora is one of the most inspiring celebrities with her amazing fitness, even in her late 40s. She makes us believe that age is just a number. Her social media presence is fun, colorful, and full of inspiration. And her favorite thing is hopping on food. The actress often treats herself to delicious food. However, the actress keeps it healthy yet tasty today with a simple dish. So, let’s look at what’s on the plate today.

The picture shared by Malaika in her story features avocado toast, which is cut in two halves. Earlier, the actress revealed that this is her 3 ingredient healthy breakfast. It is made with wheat bread, which is toasted, and there is avocado spread in with egg, It sounds good, and it does taste good. But today there are also some extra things. It’s a Sungold cherry tomatoes bowl and a blackberry bowl. Well, this looks super healthy and also fat-free. With such healthy eating practices, Malaika looks fit and amazing.

What Makes Malaika Arora's Morning Healthy? Find Out 884055

Malaika Arora is an inspiration for many. Her fitness and self-care routine is a must-follow. Her amazing physique and immunity make her one of the most active stars in the town. The Zandu Bam actress never misses a chance to impress the audience with her fashion and grace to carry looks elegantly. And that’s what makes her a favorite of many.

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