Kim Kardashian and her diet plan and workout regime are sure to be emulated.

REVEALED!! Diet Meal Plan And Workout Routine Of Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is one celebrity who has enthralled her fans and well-wishers with her fabulously trim physique. Her beauty is flawless and her body shape is at the peak of perfection always.

Well, credit for all this goes to her diet plan and of course her regimented workout sessions.

Now do you want to get an insight of Kim Kardashian’s regime of workout and diet?

Well, here you go!!

For all the six days in a week, Kim focuses on exercises. She works on high fitness levels, and focuses on weight loss and getting core strength.

She has worked really well with her combination of workout and diet after her pregnancy. She takes to the Atkins diet which means she literally cuts out on her carbohydrate intake. She does have lots of proteins and healthy fats in her diet. After a while, the Atkins plan allows one to take small portions of carb diet in their food.

Kim starts her day at around 5.30 in the morning with her exercises. She has a 90 minute gym workout. She sees to it that she goes on heavy weight training on every day. She is a true body builder to the core!! While she mostly goes into weights, a small minority workout happens on cardios. She loves to work on her back of the legs, hamstrings and booty.

Check out her workout pictures here.

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