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Find out the workout secrets of Salman Khan

Revealed! Fitness Secrets Of ‘Bhaijaan’ Salman Khan

Salman Khan is one man in the Hindi film fraternity who has totally redefined the game of fitness. It was only after Salman Khan’s super hot and macho physique did the concept of bodybuilding become popular in Bollywood. Soon, the rage and madness around his physique became such that it became almost mandatory to have a shirtless scene of him if it’s a Salman Khan movie. Gyms in India even have his photos and literally, Bhaijaan is worshipped by all budding bodybuilders of the country. So what exactly are his workout secrets and routine?

As per TOI fitness, Bhaijaan’s workout is a combination of exercises including bench presses, treadmill, weight training, sit ups & push ups. He also does a lot of circuit training and planks to build his overall resistance. Not just workout, Bhaijaan also ensures he focuses on the right diet to keep his body fit and sexy like it is.

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