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Salman Khan is a master when it comes to his fitness and workouts and we bring to you few videos of him working out.

Salman Khan And His Best Workout Videos

Salman Khan the Bhaijaan of Bollywood is too good in his physique and is probably unmatched and unparallel to anyone!!!

Salman Khan has over the years built a great stature not only as an actor but also for his immensely powerful body, that easily enables him to play the macho guy onscreen.

Salman Khan’s workout regime is something that needs to be emulated and lauded!!

His workout is a combination of all kinds of exercises, which involves bench press, weight training, plank training etc. He has a regimented cycle with his exercises and never misses a day to work out.

It is believed that Salman has worked out particularly to get his hulky stature. He also trained in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) for a brief period is what we believe. In accordance to the next role he is working on, Salman is believed to change his workout process to suit him better.

Here we show you a few of his best workout videos where you will see him flexing all his muscles and going through a rigorous workout.

Check here.

Video Courtesy – Filmy Crazy, Movie Talkies

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