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Know more about Tiger Shroff's workout routine and diet

Tiger Shroff’s Workout Routine And Healthy Diet REVEALED

The very suave and amazing Tiger Shroff is considered to be the epitome when it comes to fitness in Bollywood. From having the perfect sculpted muscular avatar to being super fit to pull off some really difficult and high-octane action moves, Tiger makes everything look so damn easy which isn’t the case in reality. He is someone who puts a lot of emphasis on his daily health and routine and it certainly reflects on that hot bod.

Seeing Tiger, a lot of youngsters have been inspired to build a body like him but what they lack is proper knowledge and information about his routine. So today, we tell it all.

As per reports in workoutinfoguru.com, Tiger’s routine looks like the following –

Monday: Back – 12 sets of pull-ups of 4-8 reps.

Tuesday: Chest – 12 sets of flat bench of 4-8 reps.

Wednesday: Legs – 4 sets of squats with 190kg weight on shoulders of 4-8 reps.

Thursday: Arms – 12 sets of Olympic barbell curls with 60 kg weight of 4-8 reps.

Friday: Shoulder workouts

Saturday: Rest Day

Sunday: Abs.

Amazing ain’t it? For more updates, stay tuned to IWMBuzz.com

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