Bollywood’s Chaiyya Chaiyya girl Malaika Arora encourages us to strive for fitness to be the best versions of ourselves. Malaika is a firm believer in the importance of yoga, meditation and pranayama and the need to maintain and spread awareness about mental health. Malaika practices yoga and encourages her followers and fitness enthusiasts to do the same. This time she impressed her fans again with a new wall yoga video. Check out her latest workout videos.

Malaika Arora’s Wall Yoga Postures Appearance-

Malaika Arora posts a workout video on Instagram and always manages to steal the show. The yoga queen donned a black and white printed strappy, U-neckline bralette and light pants. She rounded off her look with a messy bun hairstyle.

The actress performs various wall yoga postures. She also tagged a name while performing yoga. In the video she performs extended triangle pose, straight plank, low plank, one legged handstand, wall handstand, Marjari Asana Variation, Salabhasana, Wall Crunches, Upward Plank Pose, Hip Bridge with Crunch, bridge crunch, and Shoulderstand with Variations.

Wall Yoga Benefits-

Wall in yoga poses can help deepen stretches and improve flexibility over time. It allows practitioners to gradually explore their range of motion, gently releasing tension and tightness in the muscles. Wall yoga also offers a supportive and accessible approach to yoga practice, allowing practitioners to experience the many physical, mental, and emotional benefits of yoga in a safe and effective manner.

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