Know Shriya Saran's curves secrets

Want hot curves like Shriya Saran? You MUST do these 3 simple home workouts

Shriya Saran is undoubtedly one of the hottest and fittest actresses of the South film fraternity and her beauty and charm are as natural as it could possibly get. Shriya started her career in the Tamil film fraternity and she’s one of those lucky actresses who got an opportunity to work with the one and only ‘Thalaiva’ aka Rajinikanth in the initial years of her career. After all, who all can forget the legendary ‘Shivaji: The Boss’?

Since then, Shriya has grown both in terms of performance and fitness and her curves are sheer body goals for one and all. Wondering how you can achieve them like Shriya? Today, we reveal the secrets

In an interview with TOI lifestyle, Shriya was quoted as saying,

“I exercise five times a week, and prefer doing it outdoors rather than inside a gym. That way, you sweat more and stay away from unnatural surrounding which air conditioned gyms trap you in. I start with a 20-minute run followed by 25 minutes of circuit training, which is an excellent high intensity but basic workout to strengthen the body. Back extensions, squats, lunges, push-ups, side to side jumps, jumping jacks, sit ups, bicep curls — I do it all in three sets of 15 repetitions each. The training works out various areas of my body.
Next, I spend 10 minutes doing the Suryanamaskar, and finish it off with a five-minute run. I’m done in 60 minutes. While I continue with circuit training, I alternate running with swimming and yoga during the week.”

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