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Checkout Aashka Goradia's yoga love.

Want To Lose Weight? Try Yoga Everyday Like Aashka Goradia

Aashka Goradia is one of the popular TV actresses who is away from TV for a while now. The actress was last seen in Naagin.

Aashka is a yoga lover and flaunts kickass abs. She looks stunning because she works on it daily without fail.

Aashka Goradia and Brent Goble’s journey to fitness through yoga has been incredibly inspiring. The two aren’t just married to each other, Brent also happens to be Aashka’s yoga teacher and she is his first student. Brent and Aashka can be seen painting Instagram red with their intense yoga work-out.

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The actor often shares pictures of her doing different complicated yoga poses alone or with her husband. She is a person that inspires a lot more people towards healthy living.

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