Follow these Winter Diet: 5 Foods To Stay Away From In Winter Season

Winter Diet: 5 Foods To Stay Away From During Winter Season

People fall sick during the winter season, it is because of its lower temperature and low temperature reduces our body’s immune response. like you may get cold and flu. Some types of food can improve your immunity and can keep you healthy in the winter season.

Here is some food that can keep you healthy during the winter season:

1) GINGER: Ginger is another great ingredient that can help you to stay healthy in the winter season and to fight against cold. Ginger is a powerful natural painkiller and has anti-inflammatory properties. Improved circulation means more oxygen is getting in our tissues which can help to remove viruses and venoms.

2) MUSHROOMS: Mushrooms contain lots of vitamin D in it. Mushrooms are high in one unique antioxidant called ergothioneine this is found in a very few fruits and vegetables, ergothioneine has a very specific protein transporter in the blood it is very important for human health.

3) YOGURT: Yogurt is easy to get and it’s also full of health advantages. Yogurt is full of proteins and vitamins. It also helps to fight the bad things and also gives our immune system a boost, it is the source of a probiotic and lactobacillus. If you want to keep your diet healthy then you should add yogurt in your health.

4) RED BELL PEPPERS: Green bell peppers are usually used in every Indian cuisine, nevertheless, you must have red bell peppers if you want to stay healthy in the winter season. Red bell pepper contains a high amount of vitamin C which is good for boosting your immunity and can help to fight the common flu and cold easily.

5) TURMERIC: Turmeric can help you fight infections and can reduce inflammation. Turmeric is used in every Indian household and known for its various health benefits.

6) NUTS: Eat lots of nuts like pista, walnuts, cashews, almonds, and dates, etc they generate lots of heat in the body and this can help you to boost your immunity in the winter season.

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