In conversation with Mohd Badar

It’s only our dedication, toward one’s passion that distinguish a champion from the crowd, says Mohd Badar

HBN Events is a Highly inclusive and determined event management company based in the City of Nawabs, Lucknow. HBN foundation believes that each and every individual has a unique intelligence ability and an inspirational quality which makes the things worth. They understand the fact that one’s attitude and gesture towards the society defines them and what they actually are. Even after so many years of excellence, they try to enhance their work by constantly delivering creative and relevant solutions, that not only match their client’s expectations but also create value for them. They gradually build up their charm in the minds of their clients by holding conferences, spell-bounding events in medieval castles and by organising exclusive performances by Bollywood divas. They keep themselves updated with the fact that by an increasing number of corporates as well as High Net-worth Individuals are relying on the event management industry to understand and utilize the global trends.

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships”, Their highly professional and detail-oriented team works hand-in-hand with domestic and global brands. 

Their presence is vast as they are established in Lucknow, but successfully organised events in several metropolitan cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and many more segments of the nation. One must never stop to expand their empire and that’s what the prefer to perform always. They simultaneously admire the thought to build a long-term and nourished relationship between the clients in pan India. A variety of events are covered by the HBN events such as MICE, hospitality, Public/Private, Activations and Digital marketing. Thus, they are called to be as an amazing and Accomplished Event Management Company.

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” These lines perfectly delineate to the founder and director of HBN event, . Mohd Badar, A successful entrepreneur by Mind and a philanthropist person by Heart. The earlier stages of success help a person to develop his abilities at greater extent. The fruit for that hard work is definitely achieved in the future. Today, Mohd Badar is well-known for his splendid communication skills, technical abilities and managerial skills.

Priorities define a person’s true characters, in case of Mohd Badar his top priority was to serve his clients with utmost determined mind, firm dedication and the objective to exceed their expectations far beyond the imaginations. These priorities serve to be as the great pillars of success in his life.  Success isn’t achieved overnight, a person puts his all efforts, pushes his boundaries beyond expectations, puts a lot of financial investments and then establishes his goals and achieves the dream of his life. There’s a valid reason to call the Mohd Badar as Philanthropist as he organises various programs in the field of education with a mission to provide children and individuals from low-income communities with high-quality education, enabling them to maximize their potential and transform their lives completely. He also contributes towards urban and rural development plus women empowerment. Mohd Badar , Truly a man who achieved wonders.

He always believes that every individual has a responsibility towards the society and all of us must make a contribution towards making this world a better place to live in. We should not initiate these efforts to create any kind of impression on someone but we should always try to create a deep impact in the society that if we are blessed with success and wealth then we must come forward to help others.

Due to Covid -19 business for event management companies have been going through a roller coaster ride recently. There is a drastic downward slope for any of the event management company be it a small venture or big players of this market. Although pandemic has hit every industry, event management is suffering one of the highest blows. Already this industry works on anti-refund policy, so many tentative events got cancelled giving a heart attack to the event organizers as well as individuals directly involved.

According to the founder and MD of HBN Events Private Limited Mohd Badar, situations were very unimaginably tough during the initial months of the lockdown. But still, there was hope for the business to align accordingly after the unlock. Sooner or later, when the unlock phase started, no improvement in the business was observed. All the expectations dissipated and leaving the companies with no other alternate solution. The current crisis is showing no hope for so many upcoming months. So, the current unlock situation brought no merriment to the industry. 

We at HBN Events being on the receiving ends completely understand the concerns of our employees and totally on board on this stressful situation.    


Post lockdown, unlock process has already reached its 3rd phase. Many people lost their jobs and duties, many failed to earn their daily bread and run their livelihood. The daily wage workers who used to be supervised by the designated team members lost their lives.

The event industry is suffering a lot because of the chaos going on due to the coronavirus. Other industries have still managed to overcome the loss, but a lot of tension is building in the event industry. Mohd. Badar is looking forward to the government to understand the issues which the specific industry businessman is facing. He believes that if taken into consideration by providing more resources to them the condition will be better and it will manage to become fruitful again within less period.

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