The Bhaijaan of Bollywood industry, Salman Khan has proven his stature and acting time and again for decades now and we know his fan-following all too well.

12 Ways to identify a Salman Khan fan. Are you one? 1

Salman Khan fans, the ones who could literally go and scream Bhaijaan anywhere, are a unique group of extremely outspoken, visibly different people who, vow to forever remain his faithful admirers. Salman fans go crazy about him. You may know any such person, or maybe one of them, and there are a few ways you can find out!
12 Ways to identify a Salman Khan fan. Are you one?
You can identify a true Salman Khan fan with this checklist we have compiled right here! You are or your friend is a true Salman-iac if-

  • The release of a Salman Khan movie is bigger than any other festival for them and they literally celebrate it.
  • In their books, ‘Dabangg’ beats Citizen Kane.
  • Every time Salman takes his shirt off, their adrenaline level goes up, leaving them awestruck.
  • They still boycott all of Vivek Oberoi’s movies
  • They totally believe Salman Bhai’s punches have the power to send villains into outer space.
  • They tolerate Big Boss just to watch him.
  • They really own 2+ Being Human t-shirts.
  • For them, copying his hairstyles is a must and always doing his hook-step is just a way of showing they are Bhaijaan fans.
  • They go from normal mode to “I’ve lost my mind” every time a Salman song plays during a party.
  • They have actually tolerated movies starring Sohail Khan and Arbaaz Khan just because they are Salman’s ‘family’.
  • They switched from Mountain Dew to Thumbs Up when he did.
  • They’ve learned all Salman dialogues and can recite them with the same vigor

Salman Khan is a global brand and has millions of followers wherever he goes. We are sure that this Bhaijaan has many more movies to release on Eid, every year, and keep his fans excited to be the first one to watch and cheer on!

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