Looks like Malaika Arora is all swinging in the vibes of Christmas. The actress took to her Instagram handle to share a set of photos as she smears the town red, a colour that is given during the Christmas festive

A Red Affair: Malaika Arora’s December ‘manifestation’ is here

Hold onto your Santa hats, folks, because Malaika Arora is turning December into a sizzling red affair! Move over winter blues; it’s all about the fiery tones of red, thanks to Malaika’s December ‘manifestation.’ The Bollywood diva recently took the Instagram stage to flaunt not just her impeccable style but also the festive spirit that comes draped in crimson hues.

In a quirky photodump, Malaika Arora proves that she doesn’t just wear red; she lives in it. The month of December, with Christmas eagerly waiting in the wings, serves as the perfect excuse to paint the town red – or in Malaika’s case, her Instagram feed. With a series of snapshots showcasing her boss lady vibes in red ensembles, she’s making a statement that screams, “I’m here to sleigh!”

A Red Affair: Malaika Arora’s December ‘manifestation’ is here 873474

A Red Affair: Malaika Arora’s December ‘manifestation’ is here 873475

A Red Affair: Malaika Arora’s December ‘manifestation’ is here 873476

But it’s not just about Malaika’s fashion choices; she’s also capturing the essence of the season with nature’s own red symphony. From breathtaking trees adorned with red leaves to the cozy corners of her home decked out in festive red decorations, she’s truly embracing the Christmas spirit in all its scarlet glory.

And if you thought Malaika would stop there, think again. This Instagram sensation sprinkled in some classic looks, from a head-to-toe red track jogger suit to a grey pantsuit paired with a vermillion red sling bag. In her own words, “My most favourite time of the year …… all things red.” Well, Malaika, you’ve officially made December the month to paint the town red and spread the festive cheer!