IWMBuzz asks its readers as to who is a bigger star between Ajith Kumar and Vijay

Ajith Kumar VS Vijay: Who’s the bigger star?

Ajith Kumar is one of the most popular names in the Tamil Film Industry. Although Ajith started his career with a small role in the film En Veedu En Kanavar, support and moral boost from veteran S.P Balasubramaniyam enabled him to bag his first project as a lead in the movie Amaravathi. He is also extremely passionate about motor car and bike-racing and boasts of an enviable collection of car and bikes.

Vijay on the other hand enjoys a great deal of popularity down in the South as well. His last film Bigil was an absolute blockbuster and the perfect example of what presence of stardom can do with the fortune of a film. Although he’s been recently in the news for being summoned by the IT officials, his stardom and craze has certainly seen no fall. Today, we ask our readers as to who they feel is a bigger star, Ajith Kumar or Vijay?

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