Arjun Rampal is comparable to fine wine. He’s improved over time, and there’s no denying there’s something about him that makes ladies weak at the knees. The hottie has always managed to give ladies around the country restless nights, whether it’s because of his deep, baritone voice or his magnetic charm.

For those who don’t know, Arjun Rampal is credited with co-writing the screenplay with director Ashim Ahluwalia, which leads to the question: Is there anything the man can’t do? This man is so much more than his looks, from modelling to acting to now scriptwriting. Arun Gawli, a gangster-turned-politician, is the subject of the biopic Daddy. The picture has received a lot of favorable attention in the film industry and is being hailed as a career-changer for him.

In terms of his career, he’s one of the few actors in Bollywood who hasn’t yet gotten their due. Despite some outstanding performances that may have earned him critical acclaim and his ability to outshine his co-stars in films, Arjun Rampal’s Bollywood career appears to have moved at a slower rate. However, things for sure have changed with the release of Daddy. With indie and regional cinema’s continued popularity and respect, this is undoubtedly one of the best periods in the industry’s history, with none of the customary masala elements that used to be the single criteria that determined whether a film was successful or not.

Aside from Daddy, Arjun Rampal has acted in a number of films in which he has taken centre stage, even though he was cast alongside Bollywood’s biggest names. So, here’s a look at some of the best performances by one of Bollywood’s most underappreciated actors, who never fails to light up the screen with his subtle yet powerful performances.

Om Shanti Om

Whatever flaws there were in the picture, the presence of Arjun Rampal as the sultry villain made up for it.


You don’t stand a chance when a Kapoor scion shares screen space with you, do you? In this case, no. Arjun managed to floor us with that oh-so-brooding demeanor and his incredible performance as a politician who is also the victim of unrequited love. The Kapoor scion may have gotten a meatier role and well, the heroine’s affection but Arjun managed to amaze us with his incredible talent.

Rock On!!

If anyone was in character in Rock On!, it was Arjun Rampal, whose quiet, introverted demeanor, combined with his attractive long locks, had women and critics swooning. This was arguably one of the first films in which he was recognized for his acting abilities rather than the typical good-looking-model cliché.

Kahaani 2

It was Arjun’s baby, not Vidya’s if Kahaani 2 was someone’s child. Surprisingly, Arjun stole the show as a police sub-inspector on a mission to discover the cause of a missing child and Vidya Balan’s background in a female-centric film.

Arjun has matured as an actor, and it’s a shame that his work has been overlooked by a large public. You may see a transition as a mature actor and refinement in his expressions and performance if you watch his early work.

His presence can be seen in Ek Ajnabee, Om Shanti Om, Rajneeti, Rock On, Inkaar, D Day, and Kahaani 2. These movies catapulted his career to new heights.

He has improved his film selection and acting technique.