Check out your perfect boyfriend among the two Hollywood actors! Is it Brad Pitt or Dwayne Johnson?

Brad Pitt Vs Dwayne Johnson: Whom Do You Want To Be Your Boyfriend?

Many girls have a fascination to have a dream boyfriend. And sometimes, they get inspired by Hollywood actors. Some want to have a boyfriend with the features of a particular Hollywood actor. But then, if a Hollywood actor be your boyfriend? Whom will you make your boyfriend? The two actors – Brad Pitt and Dwayne Johnson are the two types of boyfriends every girl dream of having.

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William Bradley Pitt, a talented American Hollywood actor has appeared in many movies. He has killed it every time on screen. If you want a man with a gentle and classy attitude, then Brad is the perfect person. He can romance with you anytime, and take care of you. You are never going to feel bored with him, and he will always make you smile with his humor. If you are a person fond of acting, then he can give some lessons too. Many of his fans dream of having him as their boyfriend. After all, many girls do admire a charming and understanding boyfriend like Brad Pitt.

On the other hand, Dwayne “Rock” Johnson, the Hollywood actor and a retired professional wrestler, has won many hearts too. He is super enthusiastic and energetic. If you are a person who is energetic too, then you both are a perfect match. Rock can not only be your perfect boyfriend but also your gym partner. You guys can workout together. He is really understanding and caring, and that can add a plus point to your boyfriend’s checklist.

Who between the two do you want to make your boyfriend? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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