In conversation with Sachiin Joshi

I can assure you our economy will recover faster than the rest of the world: Sachiin Joshi

Entrepreneur –Actor Sachiin Joshi Is Currently Stranded In Dubai . He Tells Subhash K Jha Why he Loves Dubai So Much.

You are stranded in Dubai ever since the lockdown?

Well I’m at my very comfortable home in Dubai in isolation since 16th March. I love Dubai and visit very often for work and for holidays with my family. Regrettably this time my wife and children are not with me. So after many years I am by myself.

How are you spending this time?

I spend a lot of time doing things I haven’t done in years, like reading, exploring new possibilities over the internet, training, watching a lot of good content, talking to my family. I m not comfortable without my family. The good thing is, my wife and kids are safe in Goa. But it’s difficult, this period of quarantine. I could have used this time to be with my children. Unfortunately, I am away.

A lot of business companies in India are already sacking their employees, foreseeing a huge recession ahead. As a prominent entrepreneur in India what is your take on this?

You know I have been hearing a lot of companies sacking their staff asking them to work from home, no productivity, thinking only of their losses. But I don’t think like that. These are testing times for all. This epidemic doesn’t look at cast or creed or who you are. So I decided that instead of letting them sit at home, let me make them part of my biggest drive of helping the poorest or the needy and use the entire force in action across Mumbai, Jaipur, Kota, Goa, Pune. Ahmedabad and help the daily wage workers with food, help the local community with supplies help the police municipal workers the doctors who are 24/7 putting their lives at stake with basic necessities like food water and medical supplies. So I am sitting here in Dubai and monitoring all of those activities in action. I am proud of my various business heads who are driving the initiatives. Thanks to the thousands are getting food and water and basic supplies every day.

Do you see a huge economic slump ahead?

Oh, that’s a tricky one. Honestly, it all depends when we are through with this lockdown situation. And I believe as Indians we will spring back to action whenever the situation normalizes. But I can assure you it will be faster than any part of the world for our economy to get back to normal.

What should the contribution of the Bollywood fraternity be to the current crisis?

Well I hope and I wish they would also be undertaking productive activities for the needy in these testing times. The virus has hit all. So don’t worry, stress won’t help. Live the moment and take the initiative to help as many as possible.

Do you think post-Coronova the digital platform is the platform?

I suppose that’s inevitable now. Looking at the way the world has transformed. especially in America where digital has taken over. With this timeline it would definitely affect theatre business. But I always feel all platforms have their strengths and weaknesses they will always co-exist, whether it’s TV, digital or theatres.

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