Sachiin Joshi Gets Tough On Fraudulent Employees, 30 Staffers Under Scanner

Financial scam hits Sachiin Joshi’s company; actor takes tough action

Entrepreneur-actor Sachiin Joshi and his organization Viking Ventures are taking a tough stand against against a sizeable chunk of Joshi’s vast empire’s workforce for alleged financial malpractices.

Very reliable sources from within Joshi’s empire reveals that one serious financial bungling in the company was spearheaded by a particular CEO (now duly sacked) of the company who took along around 30 other employees on a nefarious fiscal joyride.

Apparently the ex-CEO and his team of resource rogues siphoned off money running into multiple lakhs. The alleged financial offenders are now under legal scrutiny.

Says a source from within the organization, “Obviously all the monetary transaction involving these alleged offenders has been frozen. And that includes their salary. After the investigation, those found to be innocent would be paid all their dues. Those found guilty would not only be dismissed but also be faced with criminal charges.”

Pre-empting a swoop-down some of those under scrutiny in Joshi’s company have been approaching sections of the media complaining about Joshi’s Viking Ventures owing them salaries. However, this claim, say sources from Viking Ventures, are a desperate attempt to wangle money out of the Joshi’s company before the investigations ends and exposes the wrongdoers.

When contacted Sachiin Joshi refrained from comment. All he’d say is, “Our company has zero tolerance for economic offenses. Those found culpable will be duly dealt with. Those trying to extort money by taking fake sob stories to the media won’t get anywhere.”

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