Sachin Joshi wings against Shilpa and Raj Kundra

Sachiin Joshi Wins Big Against Shilpa & Raj Kundra

Shilpa and Raj Kundra’s alleged association with a company called Satyug Gold Pvt Ltd has landed them in a soup. A High Court order(of which this writer has a copy) clearly asks the company to deposit the disputed gold in a bank locker. Joshi allegedly bought the gold from the aforementioned Company but did not collect the gold, as Satyug Gold Pvt Ltd was additionally asking Joshi to pay up Rs 5,000 for every day that the gold was not collected post the date of delivery in March 2019.

Joshi took Satyug Gold Pvt Ltd to court and won the right to not pay up the penalty. The court order clearly states that there is no legal ground for Satyug to make penalty claims.

Enraged by what Joshi sees as a clear attempt to take monetary advantage, Joshi intends to fight the case to its logical conclusion, get the gold that he bought at the price he was told to pay initially,without paying any penalty or fine.

“It’s not just about the money. It’s about fighting for what is right,” says Joshi.

He also intends to take stern legal action against websites that are publishing planted versions of the legal dispute contrary to the court order.

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