Sachiin Joshi not arrested

Sachiin Joshi Arrest News Fake, KRK Apologies

The news report on an entertainment portal that entrepreneur-actor Sachiin Joshi was arrested on Mumbai airport while returning from Dubai, is not only false but also defamatory enough for Joshi to sue the offending portals

Kamal R Khan who was one of the those reporting this falsehood has already issued an apology

However, Joshi is no mood to forgive. He is going ahead with legal action against all the websites which put out this misinformation.

“It is wrong on so many levels,” says Sachiin Joshi. “Can you imagine what my family went through when they heard this? Just to grab hits, you can’t hit out at my reputation.I think strong legal action is the only remedy. The lawsuit against defamatory news channels by the film industry proves it.”

Sachiin Joshi’s legal counsel stated, “Certain malicious elements are trying to defame our client by putting out false stories in the media. Anyone who supports such elements will be dealt with strictly in accordance with the law. Our defamation notices to KRK and Spotboye will be a strict warning to anyone who tries to defame our client with malafide intent.”

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