Shriya Saran is a heartthrob Indian actress who won hearts with her stellar performances on-screen. Well, in real life, she is a mother too and shares a heartwarming bond with her daughter, Radha. Their relationship is filled with love and cherished moments, evident through Shriya’s social media posts and public appearances. The Drishyam actress often expresses gratitude for motherhood, embracing the joy, happiness, and fulfilment her daughter brings to her life. Their close connection is a testament to the strong maternal bond they share. And the latest pictures on Shriya’s Instagram are a glimpse of their unbound love.

Treating her fans with a glimpse of candid moments, Shriya drops some super cute photos featuring daughter Radha with herself. Shriya is the kind of mother who can’t stay away from her daughter, and we have often seen her with Radha during her shoots and photo sessions. And these new pictures are a glimpse.

Every picture screams attention with the joyful moment the mother-daughter duo share with each other. In the first picture, Shriya throws her daughter up and grabs her again. In the other photos, Radha can be seen hugging Mumma closely. Every picture is bliss and a peek into Shriya’s unbound love for Radha.

Candid Photos: Shriya Saran And Her Unbound Love With Daughter Radha 883346

Candid Photos: Shriya Saran And Her Unbound Love With Daughter Radha 883347

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