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In conversation with stunning and talented Kalki Koechlin

It is as challenging as it is blissful: Kalki Koechlin on motherhood

Kalki Koechlin On Coping With Corona Confinement & Motherhood

How are you coping with the lockdown? Is Sappho keeping you busy round the clock?

I have Sappho and my twelve-year-old brother Oriel staying with me, so between homeschooling and breastfeeding, I have my hands full for sure.

What has motherhood been like so far? Is it all wonderful or are there dips in the curve?

It is as challenging as it is blissful. No sleep, changing diapers or feeding or trying to guess why my baby is screaming makes me scattered and exhausted..But the first smile, the first sound she makes, or the first time she holds her head up high without support is incomparable joy.

Which is the first language that you’d like Saphho to learn? Have you started talking to her?

I talk to her in French, Guy my partner talks to her in Hebrew and Sangeeta her nanny talks to her in Hindi. We figure she’ll learn English eventually through others and school so it is not our priority.

How hands-on is your partner in looking after the baby?

Guy’s irreplaceable and untiring. He doesn’t lose his patience and has never once said no to any help I need with Sappho.

What according to you is the biggest takeaway from this current global crisis?

It’s time to love, to be with family, to work on internal, un-addressed troubles, to read, to rest, to watch sparrows building their nests.

What are your plans once the lockdown and the virus threat end?

Who knows what the world will look like after the virus? I’m treating this as the new normal, finding ways to work and perform online, writing, etc.

Do you intend to return to acting?

I think it will take some time before shooting can resume. But of course, I miss that and look forward to a time when we can get back to making movies. I hope it happens soon.

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