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Jennifer Aniston does the sweetest thing and proves she is the real star…

Check out how Jennifer Aniston used her star powers

Jennifer Aniston is a real sweetheart. This American actress has never failed to impress us with her acting. Well, she has won our hearts a million times again because of the sweetest gesture she made towards a nurse. A nurse tested positive for coronavirus while she was working in the hospital. She had been furloughed from work after testing positive. She had been staying away from her family to prevent them from infection. The nurse was on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Show and Jennifer decided to make a guest appearance.

Jimmy Kimmel told the nurse that he has a surprise to cheer her up. Jennifer entered there and she thanked the nurse for fighting the battle for all the people by risking their own lives. When Kimmel asked the nurse about her food, the nurse said she has been ordering delivery. Jennifer erupted in laughter and said, “Oh, that’s good because you know what? You’re going to be getting 10,000 USD gift certificate from Postmates.” To which Kimmel added that each of the nurses on Fairbanks’ floor will also receive Postmates gift cards.

Jennifer surely knows how to brighten up somebody’s day just like stars do!

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