Chris Evans, who was crowned People’s Attractive Man Alive in 2022, has always been charming and has always been seen as an attractive bachelor. However, given that the Captain America actor has formally acknowledged his relationship status, things may soon change. And, surprise, he has been dating Portuguese actress Alba Baptista for a year.

For those unaware, Alba began her career when she was 16 years old and made her English-language debut in the Netflix drama series Warrior Nun. The main character, Ava, played by Alba, was visible. She also appeared in Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris in 2022 and in other Portuguese movies and television shows.

The actress reportedly knows five languages in all, including Portuguese, English, French, Spanish, and German. At the Berlin Film Festival in 2021, the actress also took up the Shooting Star prize. Along with her ability, Alba has contributed greatly to the humanitarian cause, concentrating in 2018 mostly on education at an orphanage in Cambodia.

Chris Evans and Alba Baptista’s Scary Video Appearance

The actor Chris Evans revealed that he has been seeing his girlfriend Alba for a year by posting several cute videos on his Instagram stories. Over the previous year, or 2022, a collection of eight distinct movies showed the couple startling each other when they entered a room that appeared empty.

First Flecked Together in 2021

In November, the MCU star had been seeing the 25-year-old actress for at least a year. Page Six published multiple images of the couple on November 10 that showed them walking together in Central Park while donning matching sunglasses and face masks.

Chris And Alba Having Happy Relationship

According to a source who spoke to Elle, the rumored pair were committed to their relationship and in love. Chris has never been happier, and his friends and family adore Alba, the person continued. However, the couple only provided an official denial today, when Chris and his girlfriend joined Instagram as a couple.

The pair have followed each other on Instagram for quite some time, although they have never uploaded any photos together. However, if their social media activity is examined, Chris has demonstrated committed boyfriend behavior by liking his girlfriend’s posts starting in October 2022. Although it’s unclear whether Alba lives with Chris, their Instagram 2022 highlights show that they frequently visit the MCU star in Boston.