The latest rom-com starring Chris Evans and Ana de Armas has yet to be launched, but it has already faced setbacks; have a look.

Chris Evans And Ana de Armas' Next Rom-Com Accused Of Recreating Contentious Storyline After Scarlett Johansson Exits 786363

Ghosted is an upcoming romantic comedy directed by Dexter Fletcher and starring Marvel’s Chris Evans and Oscar contender Ana de Armas. The two have already collaborated on many occasions, the first being Rian Johnson’s Knives Out, following which they were seen sharing the screen in 2022’s The Gray Man. Ghosted will be their third collaboration.

Scarlett Johansson, who played the Black Widow in the movie, was originally slated to play Evans’ love interest. However, her busy schedule forced the former to stand down from the position, and Ana de Armas was brought in to fill the role. But, it seems to have worked in Scarlett Johansson’s favor because, even before the movie was published, Ghosted received criticism for its contentious plot.

The Contentious Narrative of Ghosted Movie

Ghosted tells the story of two strangers who accidentally cross paths yet quickly click, with Chris Evans portraying Cole Riggan and Ana de Armas playing Sadie. To put it bluntly, Cole is whipped even if they appear to be into each other. The same is notable since who else would discuss someone they’d just met and barely know with their family while firmly believing them to be “the one” if they weren’t hopeless romantics?

Evans’ character, however, is left feeling completely conflicted as Sadie disappears out of the blue just as Cole is about to fall head over heels for her. Nevertheless, he continues to pursue her even though she has vanished, first by texting her nonstop and then by traveling to London to find her, where it becomes very scary.

After Sadie stops responding, a distraught Cole decides to follow her to another nation. Cole’s decision to travel 5000 miles to find a girl he has only ever met once is presented as “a grand romantic gesture,” but it just comes across as a nutcase stalking a woman he fell in love with. Has Penn Badgley given enough sermons about not romanticizing people like Joe?

Why Ghosted’s Contentious Story Is Tiptoeing Close to Hazardous Grounds?

Even though they are fictional, movies and television series can impress in viewers’ brains specific virtues and traits. The movies we see frequently influence how we view various facets of life. And for this reason, films like Ghosted are often criticized because they create an unfavorable precedent, which in this instance, takes the shape of consent or lack thereof.

Ghosted wouldn’t be the first romantic comedy to present destructive conduct as charming via a rose-colored vision. There have been several movies that seem to encourage these spooky romances where pursuing someone fervently despite the circumstances or their sentiments is shown as honorable. The realm of fiction, however, differs from the actual world in that morally dubious characters are idolized more than heroes, and the distinction between good and evil is arbitrary and hazy. On the other hand, the way things work in reality is very different. And it is best to maintain as much distance between these two universes as possible.

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