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Who looks hottest in black: Alexandra Daddario or Dakota Johnson, check out to know.

Dakota Johnson Or Alexandra Daddario: Who Has The Hottest Attire In Black?

Black has been the color of the century. With so many millennials opting for black color outfits, it has become one of the most popular colours of the era. Black wasn’t always in fashion, it was usually considered inauspicious to wear dark color at any function. But thanks that this superstition is far behind us and now we can gracefully rock black.

Celebrities have also developed a fondness for black color, especially our Hollywood sweethearts Dakota Johnson and Alexandra Daddario. These two beauties have been slaying in black ever since we remember. Let’s take a look at who looks the hottest in black outfits.

Dakota Johnson has been gracing red carpets with her celebrity family even before she started acting. So it’s pretty obvious that Dakota has gained a lot of experience on how to dress for events. Even though she leaves us spellbound in almost every outfit, black seems to have caught our attention the most. Dakota looks absolutely stunning in black, there’s no doubt about that since she is the most gorgeous looking diva in Hollywood.

Alexandra Daddario also never underestimates the power of black. She is often seen rocking the dark shade. Being the beauty that she is Alexandra can rock any color, but according to our opinion, she looks the best in black. Black color looks mesmerizing on her and we just can’t take our eyes off her.

Take a look at the pictures below to see these two divas looking absolutely gorgeous in black outfits. Let us know in the comments who according to you looks the hottest in black.

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