Check out the latest about Disha Patani and BTS member J-Hope

Disha Patani slays internet with burning hot beach look in shorts, BTS member J-Hope says, ‘Thank you…”

Disha Patani is one of the most sensuous and charming divas in the Hindi entertainment industry. The actress has been a part of the Hindi entertainment industry for many years and given the kind of love and appreciation that she’s received in all these years, we can genuinely say and for real that she deserves it all. Her social media game is lit and that’s why, anything and everything that she does from her end grabs a lot of attention. So, what’s the latest that we get to see happening at her end? Well, right now, she’s burning hearts with perfection in a stunning look in shorts and we are in awe. Check out below –

On the other hand, we all know quite well for a fact that Disha Patani is a huge fan of BTS boyband and J-Hope in particular. So, what’s the latest that we get to see happening at his end? Well, right now, he’s seen burning hearts in a cute post where he’s saying thank you to all and we are totally in love. Well, do you want to check it out? See below –

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