IWMBuzz feels that Selena Gomez is being cheated by her best friend. Details revealed inside the story

Why we feel Selena Gomez is being CHEATED by her best friend

Selena Gomez is one of the most sought after actresses of Hollywood. Selena started pretty early in her career and earned fame for herself after her super hit TV show on ‘Disney’ named ‘Wizards Of Waverly Palace’.

The show earned her a fan following in millions all around the world and since then there was no looking back for the actress. She followed the good work with more projects like Sonny With A Chance, Studio DC: Almost Live & many more.

But she ensured she maintained the spotlight on her the most for her long-term relationship with singing sensation Justin Bieber. Although the pair fell apart, they still manage to make headlines for their relationship. But today, what we want to talk about is not about any apparent threat Selena faces from Justin but rather from her best friend Ashley Cook. A lot of speculations have always been there amidst her fans who always said that Selena’s BFF, Ashley Cook is a fake friend and somewhere we feel it’s true. Why? Well…

If you are in a group with your besties and you click a group photo together, ideally you would like to have all of them in the frame when you post the photograph right? But Ashley seems to believe the other way. The internet went furious when Ashley posted a group photo cropping Selena out. Add to that, Ashley happens to be still actively in touch with Selena’s ex-flame Justin Bieber and the two happen to still follow each other on Instagram.

Not wanting to sound regressive, but would you actually still actively be in touch with your best friend’s ex when she herself maintains distance from him? No right?

All these reasons make us feel Selena’s BFF Ashley is fake and it’s high time, Selena realizes it quickly before things go out of hand. What do you guys think? Let us know your views in comments below.

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