Sara Tendulkar is a famous starkid. Though not active in the industry, her lifestyle and social media presence have always kept her buzzing on the internet. The diva, this time, revealed her favorite time of the year and her favorite thing she likes to eat. Let’s check it out.

Sara Tendulkar’s Favorite Time Of The Year

The beautiful starkid took to her Instagram and shared a video showing the beautiful weather. The refreshing rain has made the environment green and gorgeous. Undoubtedly everyone loves the rain, just like Sara Tendulkar. In the text, she wrote, “favorite time of the year.”

In the following story, she revealed what she likes to have amidst the rainy season. You might be guessing what it can be. Well, it’s nothing but very favorite and Mumbai’s favorite Vada pav. Undoubtedly this flued your Vadapav craving amidst the heavy rain. So did you have garam garam Vadapav in the rain?

Find Out: Sara Tendulkar's Favorite Time Of The Year And Thing She Likes 822317

Find Out: Sara Tendulkar's Favorite Time Of The Year And Thing She Likes 822318

Sara Tendulkar has a significant fandom on her Instagram, with millions of followers. Her share of updates and lifestyle keeps her fans engaged with her. At present, the diva is pursuing her master’s in London University College in medicine. She has completed her bachelor’s in medicine. She made her modelling debut with Ajio’s clothing.

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