Here's what Zareen Khan said about her work in the industry.

Salman Khan introduced Zareen Khan in his most ambitious film, Veer, in 2010. Zareen was likened to Katrina Kaif on her debut since she resembled her. Her career, however, did not suffer the same fate as Katrina Kaifs. Zareen Khan had a difficult time finding work after Veer. She’s still attempting to build a name for herself. She confessed to HIT why she isn’t getting employment in Bollywood and how her talent has yet to be realized. She talked about why she hasn’t been able to make an impact yet in her conversation.

“There are too many things,” she continues, “First and foremost, being very social, attending all of the events, and connecting with people is the most crucial thing to be a part of this industry. I didn’t know how to network at the start of my career, and being visible at these parties is critical for your employment.” Adding to that, the 34-year-old actress stated, “I lacked possibilities because I did not make an attempt to become friends with individuals in the business. The current tendency is that everyone is everyone’s friend, and they collaborate with their pals. How will people like me find work in Bollywood if people keep recommending their friends?” As per an article by

Filmmakers have yet to explore the actress’s talent, she believes “People do not know me on a personal level, which is why they are unaware of my potential. They’ve made a decision based on what they’ve seen on the television. Those, too, have been severely constrained due to a lack of opportunity. They aren’t interested in giving me a chance, and they don’t see me as more than just a pretty face,” she came to a conclusion. Zareen has already spoken out against being fat-shamed in the profession, claiming that actresses are hated for more than their size and appearance. We can only hope that things will improve for Zareen soon and that she will receive the justice she deserves.

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