Lets talk about how easy it is to get a wet-hair look. Here’s how:

First, towel-dry your washed hair and then blot, don’t rub. You want to take some of the moisture out until it’s around 60% dry and then comb through hair with a wide-tooth comb. Also, wet look doesn’t mean your hair should actually be wet, think damp, not wet.

Hollywood Celebrities have always rocked in the wet hair looks. First would be Tyler Cameron. The dashing actor was spotted on a beach, posing with a finger near his eye, wearing a swimming shorts. The handsome hunk looked dapper in wet hair.

Next, would be the attractive Jesse Stark. The stunning actress posed for a shoot, dressed in a purple bikini, and paired her look with damp tresses, stole the glamour.

Also, Addison Rae was captured posing on a beach in a chic green bikini top. She was seen lying on the beach and posed for a selfie with her wet locks, made our hearts skip a beat.

While, Kim Kardashian was snapped in the middle of the ocean. The model was donned in a white bikini, paired with a statement top. Kardashian, keeping up her name, stole the hearts in her wet hair.

Well, Heidi Klum also topped the list when it came to Wet Hair Looks. The actress go featured in a photo, that showed her in white bikini bottom, with her body towards the sun and the actress glancing backwards for the camera. Her wet-hair look seemed even more bold.

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