Know the latest about Sai Pallavi and how she felt inspired by Madhuri Dixit and Aishwarya Rai

How did Madhuri Dixit and Aishwarya Rai influence Sai Pallavi?

Sai Pallavi has undoubtedly left an impact on the audiences with her impeccable script choice and powerful performances on screen. The actor was recently in town and spoke exclusively with Anupama Chopra on Film Companion about film-making being a spritual process, the success of her first film Premam, her biggest fear and many more things.

Sai Pallavi opened up on not having a manager & entourage she said to Film Companion. She was quoted as saying,

“I like to speak to the director or producer myself to know what the film is for what it is. We’re all going to work on the film together, so I don’t need a middle person.” She adds, “You can call me directly and we can talk and see how it goes. But also, I like doing things my way.” and like to take care of herself for now.

Sai Pallavi’s unique dancing style is quite famous amongst the youth. When asked about the roots of her dancing prowess, she said, “I’ve never learnt to dance, I grew up watching Madhuri Dixit ma’am, Aishwarya Rai ma’am & Saroj Khan ma’am’s dances. I think, for 3 years, I just danced to one song and that is Dola Re Dola. It was my go-to dance, I liked it so much. Even when you wake me up in my sleep, I’ll be doing that step.” She adds, “I didn’t realise, growing up, that dance will play a major role in disciplining me or bringing some sort of rhythm in my body. So, I owe it all to dancing, and Mum letting me do what I loved, even as a child.”

When discussing her routine as a ‘film star’ who doesn’t believe in the late-night lifestyle, Sai Pallavi finds it difficult to be called that term. “I’m not a film star, I’m just someone who’s lucky enough to do what she loves & is getting so much love from the people around. I consider myself to be extremely blessed. But yes, I have made a few changes to be sane to stay up late at night.” She recalls being a sleepy child on the sets of Premam. “For the last scene of the film, Alphonse (director) would say, “Pallavi, the shot is ready” and I would just wake up, do the shot & come back to nap. I was a child! Now, I think I’m grown up to be a more friendly person.”

When asked about the demand for female actors to wear makeup and look glamorous, here’s what Sai Pallavi had to say to Film Companion and it’s worth giving a thought “I think, it’s maybe the person that I am…I don’t know the other side…of how it might feel. Maybe there’s a lot of pressure to look like your perfect version, and I’m not saying that makeup doesn’t help. If it makes you feel confident, you should do it. I feel confident this way, and I think I’m doing fine.”

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