Shriya Saran took to her Instagram handle to share a series of photos as she heads out for a happy day out with daughter Radha, check out

Inside Shriya Saran’s ‘happy day out’ with daughter Radha [Photos] Credit: Shriya Saran Instagram

Guess who’s spreading smiles and good vibes? It’s Shriya Saran, embracing the joy of a happy day out with her daughter Radha and friend Dhruti Dave. The actress, in full mommy mode, decided to capture and share the beautiful moments from their delightful day.

Playful Escapades: Fun Galore with Radha and Dhruti

Shriya didn’t just step out; she embarked on a joyous adventure with her little one and friend in tow. The trio indulged in some playtime antics, creating memories that would surely be etched in the heartwarming album of motherhood. Laughter echoed, and smiles radiated as they let loose and embraced the magic of the day.

Foodie Feels: A Culinary Expedition

No day out is complete without some good food, and Shriya knew exactly how to satisfy the taste buds of her happy squad. Whether it was indulging in a favorite treat or exploring new culinary delights, the actress made sure the gastronomic part of the adventure was equally delightful.

Social Media Chronicles: Sharing the Love

In the age of digital storytelling, Shriya took to her social media handle to sprinkle some of that joy and happiness. Sharing videos and photos, she gave her followers a sneak peek into the heartwarming moments that unfolded during their day out. From candid captures to playful snippets, the actress turned her social media into a portal of positivity.

Inside Shriya Saran's 'happy day out' with daughter Radha [Photos] 880029

Inside Shriya Saran's 'happy day out' with daughter Radha [Photos] 880030

From playtime giggles to delightful bites, every moment was a treasure. As Shriya shared these snippets of joy on her social media, she not only painted a picture of a happy day but also spread smiles to everyone following along.