Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, and Leonardo DiCaprio are popular megastars in the Hollywood industry. They have been in the industry for decades, and their popularity is increasing daily. In comparison, you might wonder if these superstars might rival each other in the entertainment business. But the reality is different as the trio shares the best bonding. Here are the unseen adorable pictures of the trio.

Check out the throwback pictures.

This picture is from time back in 1996. The trio often hangouts together. At the same time, the pictures show their unbreakable bond. Johnny wore a navy blue tuxedo with a white shirt. Brad opted for a casual t-shirt and joggers with a shiny purple puffer jacket. And Leonardo DiCaprio styled himself in a blue lining shirt paired with blue pants and a denim jacket to complete his style. So Johnny became the middle man keeping his hand on Leonardo and Brad’s shoulders. At the same time, Leonardo wondered, and Brad Pitt smiled at the candid picture.

Priceless pictures, to be honest. The muscle man Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt hung Leonardo DiCaprio on their hand, making it an irresistibly attractive picture. The trio used to goof around with each other very frequently. They lived doing messy things. However, they are megastars that never affected the genuine bond between the three.

While in an interview, Johnny shared about his bond with Leonardo DiCaprio. And he revealed that Leonardo is like a small brother to Johnny. And Brad Pitt was approached for the film with Leonardo. But the duo had known each other for a decade. And these pictures are enough to make clear the strong bond of the trio.

While on their career graph, Johnny Depp’s Pirates of the Caribbean series of films is remarked as his best performance. While Leonardo is irresistibly attractive in every role. And Brad Pitt is a lauded star in the history of Hollywood. His films like Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Troy, The Lost City, and many others are very popular.

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