Who's the real king of Instagram between Kartik Aaryan, Ayushmann Khurrana and Varun Dhawan

Kartik Aaryan Vs Ayushmann Khurrana Vs Varun Dhawan: Who’s the real ‘King Of Instagram’?

The importance of social media has increased immensely in the last few years. What initially started as a mode of communication for getting back in contact with long-lost friends and acquaintances has now turned to be business in today’s digital world. The importance of social media brands and influencers has risen and one platform which has shown the way for others in this regard is Instagram. From celebrities to businessmen, we find everyone on this amazing platform and talking about celebrities, three of the biggest celebrities on Instagram from the modern-day day generation are Kartik Aaryan, Ayushmann Khurrana, and Varun Dhawan.

Kartik, Ayushmann, and Varun, all three of them command a great presence on social media and their millions of fans all around the world endorse the same fact. Each and every time they drop a photo or video on Instagram, netizens go crazy and the adulation and love that they get are for all to witness. All three of them are immensely loved on social media and it’s truly difficult to pick who’s the best between them who can be called the ‘King of Instagram’ but given a chance where you had to pick just one name, whom would you pick between the three and why?

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