The former GQ star Leonardo DiCaprio is known for creating a history of adopting the suavest outfit on the screen. From Jay Gatsby of The Great Gatsby and Jordan Belfort of The Wolf Of Wall Street to Romeo Montague of Romeo Juliet and recent Rick Dalton from Once Upon A Time.

Making a stylish appearance is a way of living for DiCaprio. He is a master in another art of Fashion. We have found his archives pictures for ’90s which show how upgrading his style is. And here are Leonardo DiCaprio’s throwback pictures.

1) Are you searching for a denim alternative? Well, looking at Leonardo DiCaprio 90’s we have corduroy kecks that are the best thing. He is wearing a simple lace-up trainer paired with a henley top and oversized jacket.

2) Effortless styling? All you need is a formal chic suit, and a white shirt, your formal outfit is the best go-to. This is a simple yet smart way of styling.

3) Leather Jackets are a must staple. While black leather jackets are statement but brown they create a sensation. Pair your brown leather jacket with casual. And see how masses go crazy.

4)Say Hello autumn. Wear a combination of casual, wear a ribbed jumper, and pair it with straight-fit denim. This works every time.

5) Leonardo wore a mandarin-collared shirt with an elegant striking staple under an oversized outfit. This is the best for your upcoming summer outing.

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