A tuxedo is an appropriate attire for formal occasions such as weddings, galas, premieres, and balls.

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The tuxedo was promoted as the go-to suit for formal clothing in nineteenth-century England and quickly became an international menswear staple. The bow tie as a splash of black at the neck, cufflinks for cinching the wrist, cummerbunds to smooth the shirt, and tuxedo pants and suit jacket to wear over the tuxedo shirt are essential aspects of the tuxedo today.

You may personalize your tuxedo with several lapel styles, pocket square folds, and tailcoat patterns. Color may also be used to your advantage: for formal looks at black tie optional gatherings, you can wear midnight blue and white tuxedos.

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt graced the 2019 Venice International Film Festival red carpet in a traditional black-tie suit, worn straight up with no twist. Here’s a Hollywood legend dressed like a Hollywood icon: a pristine distillation of the dream elegance exemplified by Cary Grant, Paul Newman, and Gary Cooper in their respective heydays, wearing a tuxedo created by Brioni of Rome, the original tailor of la dolce vita. It had an almost immediate impact on Pitt’s standing as a fashion icon. While the result may appear basic, it is the subtleties and intricacies buried in the suit’s cut, fabric, and construction that contribute to the beautiful image of a guy having nothing to prove.

Leonardo DiCaprio

When it comes to red carpet-attire, Leo has never been one to stray too far from the norm. His black, thin-fit, peak lapel tuxedo is superbly crafted (Armani, of course). But one thing is certain: no matter how high the odds in fashion grow, his sense of style will always be respected and will make a statement in everyone’s thoughts. His all-black tuxedo screamed high fashion.

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