Emma Roberts may be a well-known actress in Hollywood, but there are several lesser-known facts about her that fans might not be aware of. From her sweet tooth to her passion for fashion, and her musical abilities to her love of reading.

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Emma Roberts is a well-known actress in Hollywood, having started her career at a young age and rising to fame through her lead roles in “Aquamarine” and “Nancy Drew”. However, there are several lesser-known facts about Emma that fans might not be aware of.

First of all, Emma has a reputation for having a bit of a fiery temper. According to reports, she once got into a physical altercation with her then-boyfriend Evan Peters, which resulted in him having a bloody nose and bite marks on his body. However, it’s important to note that both Emma and Evan have spoken positively about each other in recent years, so this may have been a one-time occurrence.

Aside from her acting career, Emma is also a big fan of reading. She considers herself to be a book addict and tries to read at least one book every couple of weeks to keep her mind sharp and her attention span improved. Emma is also the co-founder of an online book club called “Belletrist”, which she started with her childhood friend Karah Preiss.

Emma’s sweet tooth is another lesser-known fact about her. Despite her trim figure, she has a huge fondness for sugary treats like ice cream, cupcakes, and doughnuts. In fact, she has been known to bring sweets to work for her colleagues to enjoy. She’s also a big fan of chocolate-chip waffles and pancakes.

Fashion is another passion of Emma’s, and she often spends time browsing the internet to keep up with the latest trends. She considers her sense of style to be one of her most distinguishing characteristics and has even been known to splurge on high-end fashion items, like a Balenciaga purse, when she sees a celebrity wearing something similar.

Many people might assume that Emma’s success in the acting industry is due to her father, Eric Roberts, but she credits her aunt, Julia Roberts, as the primary influence in her career. In fact, Emma has been close with her aunt since she was a child, and it was Julia who encouraged her to pursue acting.

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