Know the reason why Mahesh Babu is called the Salman Khan of the South

Why Is Mahesh Babu Called ‘Salman Khan Of The South’?

Mahesh Babu is one such name in the Indian film fraternity who literally needs no introduction. Mahesh Babu might not have done a single Bollywood movie in his career till now but that certainly doesn’t stop him from being one of the most iconic personalities of the film world.

But readers, did you all know that Mahesh Babu is often regarded by his fans as the Salman Khan of South?

Well, the reason is as simple as one can imagine.

Both Mahesh Babu and Salman Khan are known to play larger-than-life charismatic characters on-screen where the focal point is on them as the protagonist.

Both of them are also exceptionally amazing when it comes to doing action movies and their fitness level is rock solid.

And not to forget, some of Mahesh Babu’s South movies like Wanted for example has been recreated by Salman Khan in Hindi.

These are some of the reasons why Mahesh Babu is called the Salman Khan of the South by his fans.

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