TV actress Mahira Sharma has been on a roll, trying to send out clues and intriguing hints as to what she is doing next. Yes, yesterday, Mahira’s fans saw her post about her new project, from the shoot destination. The post had a video where she was talking about her new project. The video was shot by her makeup artist, and featured a glimpse of a nature view with greenery and a mountain location. Mahira was seen in a sensational and dazzling look in a red strapless dress.

Her post and video kept her fans and well-wishers guessing what her upcoming project could be. Mahira, today, takes the ‘Guess what’ game rather seriously, as she put up a picture with her co-star actor with his face not seen. Both Mahira and the guy twinned in black, appearing as black beauties, daring to look at the night sky.

Mahira threw the Guess Who game at all her fans with the post, mahirasharma

once again, guess who?

Mahira Sharma And Parmish Verma Play The 'Guess Who' Game For Their New Project 896578

Well, as we wondered who the actor is, we came across a similar post, this one made by actor Parmish Verma. Parmish Verma has been a popular rapper, singer, music video director and also an actor in the Punjabi industry.

Parmish posted a similar Guess who post with a lady in an off-shoulder red dress with his wearing a vest.

His post read,

Once again… Guess Who

Mahira Sharma And Parmish Verma Play The 'Guess Who' Game For Their New Project 896579

Well, the fans of Parmish and Mahira have already found out the answer to the Guess who game, and so did we!!

You can take a look at the posts and pictures made by both actors here.

Picture Courtesy: Instagram

Are you all eager to know more about their project? We shall keep you updated.